The Procedure and Benefits of Sarvangasana

How much more important in the eyes of our body, the level of significance asanas are sarvangasana and sirasasana.  People can live long younger with the help of thyroid gland. The Thyroid is situated in the neck only. Sarvangasana helps the thyroid glands functioning properly. By keeping thyroid gland healthier man can live healthy and young in his lifelong. While doing this asana, the blood stores in the neck. Blood is forcibly flows to the thyroid gland and that part will get strengthen because of that, all the organs functioning properly. Sarvanga means entire body. So this asana is called Sarvangasana. We will see the procedure and benefits of Sarvangasana here.

Sarvangasana Procedure :

In order to perform Sarvangasana lie down on your back in the mat. Your hands should stick besides with your body. Keep breath inside and lift your legs upwards and lift the hip also. (see the picture). Use your palm to support the back, and stretch your legs upside. Bring your face front side. Your chin should touch the chest. Take breath usually. sarvangasana-1

Your spine and legs must be straight. Don’t keep your legs frozen at the same time you should not bend your legs. Close your mouth. Don’t hold the full body weight on your hands. Just keep your hands for support only. The time limit for this asana is vary depending upon their individual strength. Keep your hands below the hip and bring down the legs slowly on the hands then keep your legs on the floor. Make straight your hands besides your body and relax. The people who have the flexible body can do the exercises and asanas can do the Sarvangaasana easily.

Some person does not have the flexibility, they feel difficult. Somebody can lift only their legs but they cannot lift their hip with the legs. But don’t give up, try again by pressing your elbows down and lift your body with the support of hands. If this technique also not helpful, then lift your legs with half lifted hip. Don’t bring your legs on the floor. With the support of hands you can keep your legs upwards.

Do this asana for five to six times to get the best results. The Sarvangasana will not be practiced properly at the beginning. By practice they can do that properly. Somebody can lift their legs with the hip but they cannot bring their chin to touch the chest. During this asana you must close your mouth. For them they can hold the hip tightly and lift the leg more, and then they can bring the chin to touch the chest.

In this asana the lifted legs should be parallel for the head. But somebody feels difficult in that and give more pressure through their hands. Because of that their hands will become woody. To avoid this don’t put up the whole weight of body to the hands, simply hold the hip with your hands.

Somebody will keep their legs more stretch full. So the blood stream fully flows to the legs not to the thyroid glands. Concentrate your mind on thyroid gland, so the bloodstream flows to the thyroid. At the starting stage they will get more pain on the backside and neck. The practice makes to overcome this pain.

If the person does this asana for a long time will get a thick skin on the elbow and the back of the neck. So they have to take some more time period to practice this asana.

The Benefits of Sarvangasana :

  • It stretches your Nervous system and increases flexibility of your spinal cord.
  • It relive the stress, because of it calms the brain, and nervous system
  • The thyroid gland will get more benefit due to this asana. It stimulates the thyroid glands and other glands like Pituitary, Adrenal and Genital etc.
  • The person practiced Sarvangasana will recover from all the disease. Nerve weakness, anemia, laziness, head ach, indigestion, constipation, piles, stomach pain, kidney problem, chest pain, weakness in the heart, blood pressure, appendices, all strokes, painful foot, any diseases, swelled ankle , Malaria and other flues, infertility, thymus gland, male impotent, diabetes, dysentery, some mental problems, fits like every disabilities and diseases will become to an end.

Warning :

  • The pregnant ladies can do this asana up to their third month.
  • If you get yawn, sneeze, cough at the time of practicing this asana you must do that after bringing your legs down. Otherwise you will get pain at neck, chest, and ears. While doing this asana don’t swallow saliva.

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