The Procedure and Benefits of Utthita Bandhasana

In the earlier, if a person affected by diabetes middle of his age, people spoke about the big issues! But nowadays usually being affected by their age of ’30s. Despite many reasons for diabetes, the main reasons being, your genes, family history, food habits, lifestyle, health, and environmental factors are vary depending. Although a lot of the treatment methods to cure diabetes, is there any solution in the yoga asanas? Why not! Yes, they are utthita asanas. These utthita asanas are perfect asanas to cure diabetes. They are categorized into five types.

  1. Utthita Bandhasana
  2. Utthita Padasana
  3. Utthita Prathi Padasana
  4. Utthita Upanga Padasana
  5. Utthita Upanga Pandhasana

The collections of these utthita asanas are called Bramashtra. So the benefits of these asanas are numerous.  Our organelles of the body working without tired and refreshing themselves by practicing these asanas regularly. The Yogasastra is saying these asanas protect the inner organs inside the stomach.

These asanas directly affect the functioning of the pancreas. The kidney stones will come out easily with the help of these asanas. It reduces spleen problems. Pancreas, Spleen, and kidneys will work very effectively with the aid of these asanas. Let us know the step by step procedure and benefits of Utthita Bandhasana.

The Procedure of Utthita Bandhasana

  • Lie down on the back, bend the knees and hold the feet with the hands.
  • Now straighten your legs upward clearly exhale then lift your head and backside and keep your face in between the knees.
  • Be in this state for ten seconds.
  • Relax for a few seconds and do the asana again for three to four cycles.

In the beginning, stage while bringing up the feet they cannot bring their face in between the knee joints. At that time they will lose their balance. If they try again their body will shake like a boat in a wave. Don’t get disappointed about not doing properly.

Procedure of Utthita Bandhasana Benefits of Utthita Bandhasana







To do this asana properly and easily just try a small trick.

  • Sit near the wall by showing your backside. Leave a small gap between the wall and your buttocks.
  • Place your backside on the wall.
  • Now hold your feet by your hands and lift your legs upward.
  • Simply bend your knees as your convenience which is shown in the picture and exhale then bring your face in between the knees. Because of this, you don’t lose your balance, if so you can able to balance by placing your backside on the wall. This is the right pose which is done with the help of the wall.
  • Be in that pose for ten seconds.
  • Keep the legs on the floor and relax for a few seconds then do this asana again three to four times.

By practice, you can do the asana without the support of the wall. Some difficulties are there while lifting the legs while bringing the legs down it is very simple. This is the trick of this asana. You can understand well while doing this asana but the benefits are the same.

Benefits of Utthita Bandhasana

  • This asana helps to heal the ascites disease permanently. It reduces belly fat and stomach problems, especially all the inner parts of our body are liver, kidneys, bladder, uterus, spleen, pancreas, colon, small intestine and large intestine, and the ovary are strengthened and refreshed. Even kidney failure cases become alright after practicing this asana.
  • Due to the pancreas inactivity or the insulin secreted in low quantity Diabetes affects a person. The diabetes problem is overcome within a month by practicing this asana.
  • The bones of legs, feet, hands, spinal cord, rib cages, and all other bones are strengthened. All the muscles will get the strength and an unwanted fatty like muscles will get rid of your body.
  • This asana diminishes the constipation problem too.