The Ways to Perform Yoga Asanas – The Do’s and Don’ts

Yoga Asanas are certain body postures which greatly improve the blood circulation, tone up the blood vessels and mainly work on endocrine glands and the nervous system which are inter-related with other systems. Yoga Asanas also help remove accumulated toxins and metabolic wastes from the body.

One should know and the do’s and don’ts before and after starting and ending to perform Yoga Asanas. All age groups can do Yoga asanas with the help of a good trainer and do follow the procedure.

  1. Concentrations are very important before doing Yoga asanas and have to get rid of all bad habits.
  2. Instead of the day time, early morning 4 to 8 and before sunset is the best time for doing Yoga asana.
  3. Asanas should be practiced in a well –ventilated, clean room where there is free movement of fresh air.
  4. Should wear the loose dresses is comfortable for doing Yoga asanas. The beginners should not do the exercises in the airy open space.
  5. Asanas should be done on empty stomach or at least four hours after food.
  6. Early morning is better to start Yoga asanas because in that time they can get fresh air and calm surrounding. So that for doing meditation and Pranayama early morning is the best choice. Minimum five hours deep sleep is important.
  7. Have to avoid doing Asanas like very tired days, had sexual relationship, sick, menstruation periods.
  8. The Yogic practitioner will give proper training for doing Asanas which lead to avoid the side effects.
  9. While Starting and ending  Asanas  the movements should be in effortless manner,  gradually increased or decreased.
  10. In between two Asanas,  one should  take proper rest by doing Santhi Asana  .
  11. After completed one Asana have to take deep breath two times
  12. One should do flexible Yogic exercise instead of doing difficult. Should not force to do difficult poses of Asanas.
  13. Taking bath or food should be after 30 minutes to complete the Asanas.
  14. There are separate Asanas  to one who is in any disease. By doing this they will get the spirit and stimulate the concentration. With the help of Pranayama  RBC count will increase in the blood and they will overcome the laziness.
  15. Daily 15-30 minutes of Yogic exercises will protect us in the stressful life style.
  16. No need to do Yogic practices for a long time. It should be done regularly in the particular time limit, which will lead to get maximum benefit. The regular practice of Pranayama and Asanas will give more effective results.
  17. Savasana is an important Asana which will helps the body to return the proper blood circulation and the secretion of sweat will become balanced. Body, mind and breath will float in the magnetic power.  Savasana will refresh the body who is in tired.
  18. One should strictly avoid to Yogic exercise at the time of pregnant and menstruation period. At that time they have to concentrate by doing meditation and Pranayama and take rest with the help of Savasana. They should avoid daytime sleeping.

The birds are not having any issues in their life. They didn’t get any new diseases. They are not contradicting with the nature and all have a deep sleep in the night and awaken in the early morning. We should not be harmful to us, and then only we should not harmful to others. For that Yogic practices will help us if we follow that.