Homeopathy Treatment for Sinusitis

Sinuses are air-filled cavities present in the skull-bone, communicating with the nose through tiny openings. Therefore, a nasal infection sometimes spreads to one or more sinuses causing a selling of their inner surfaces. Symptoms of sinusitis include throbbing pain in the forehead or cheeks which gets worse on stooping, moving the head or coughing and sometimes, fever.

When a cold lingers beyond a week, the cause may be an inflammation of the sinuses, a condition called sinusitis. Caused by a bacterial infection, Sinusitis is often mistaken for a common cold because the symptoms are somewhat similar.

Patients with sinusitis usually present with malaise, mild fever, headache, and nasal discharge. The area of the face over the inflamed sinus may even appear swollen in some cases. While drainage from the nose during a common cold is often clear, drainage due to sinusitis is often thick and yellowish-green in color. Sinus pain and pressure is frequent. A sore throat and bad breath, resulting from drainage dripping down the back of the throat, may also occur. Antibiotic medications are often opted for but homeopathic treatment is the best solution to gain long-lasting relief.

Self-Care Tips

The following comfort measures can be of great help: adequate rest, adequate hydration, warm facial packs, steamy showers and sleeping with the head of the bed elevated. Besides general care, take the formula for sinusitis to have lasting relief. In case of persistence or worsening of symptoms take medical advice.

Composition:  Arsenicum album 12x, Calcarea Carbonicum hahnemanni 30x, Hydrastis Canadensis 12x, Kali bichromicum 12x, Pulsatilla 12x, Dispensed in globules.

Indications: helps relieve acute and chronic sinusitis symptoms like a dull headache, pain in eyes and nasal discharge with a blocked nose.

Homeopathy Treatment: Check if most symptoms of any of these medicines match with most of your symptoms:

Hepar Sulph 30: Right-sided frontal sinusitis causing sharp, splinter-like pain in the forehead and the root of the nose; the pain gets worse from cold air or consuming cold foods/drinks; in general the person is chilly (requiring warm clothes even in summer) and overly sensitive to the environment (noise, touch, light, etc).

Kali bich 30: Sinusitis in hot weather (summer), causing wandering pain in the forehead, in a spot that can be covered by the tip of the finger; very tough, greenish yellow string-like discharge from the nose; pain is worse in the morning or from noise but diminishes by inhaling steam or lying down.

Kali iod 30: Chronic sinusitis causing throbbing pain and burning in the nose and the sinuses; the pain is worse at night or from steam-inhalation but diminishes on moving in the open air; profuse, water and hot discharge from the nose.

Mercurius sol 30: Right-sided sinusitis associated with an earache, toothache, and vertigo which increases on lying on the back; the pain is not relieved by inhaling steam; felling of a band around the head; there is acrid thick, greenish yellow, pus-like discharge from the nose, more at night. Intense thirst for large amounts of cold water and profuse, offensive perspiration confirm the choice of Mercurius.

Pulsatilla 30: Sinusitis, with pain that shifts from one part of the head to another (like Kali Bich); the pain gets worse from steam-inhalation but is relieved by pressure, cold applications or moving in the open air; profuse thick, greenish yellows, bland discharge from the nose. A mild, weeping nature and thirstlessness confirm the choice of Pulsatilla.

Silicia 30: A Headache starts from the back of the head and settles above the right eye (right frontal sinusitis); the pain is worse from movements (stooping), noise and cold air but is relieved by pressure (tying a tight band around the head) and urination; great chilliness (like Haper Sulph) so that the person wraps himself with warm clothes even in summer.


Adults: 4 pills, 4time a day

Children: 3 pills, 3 times a day.

In acute cases 4 pills, every 2 hours, 6-8 times a day, may be taken off as advised by the physician. Revert to normal close once improvement starts.


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