Nature Cure – Treatment Chart – Common Program (Also Consult Naturopaths & Yoga experts)

Disease: For all diseases as specified hereunder (for a required period)

Common Program (CP):

1). Cold hip bath-evening for 15 minutes followed by brisk walk or yoga.

2). Mud pack-morning – for 15/20 minutes, followed by neem (luke warm) water enema, if constipated/during fasting.

3). Oil massage for 30/40 minutes 9Once/twice a week).

4). Sauna/steam bath/sun bath (once/twice a week), if possible. Drink water before any hot treatment.

5). Relaxation, immersion full bath (once/twice a week).

6). Hot  Epsom salt bath (twice a week)

7). Fasting on drinking water and juices for a required period.

8). Do Suryanamaskar, brisk walk, jogging-early morning

9). Nothing should be eaten 30 minutes before and after any treatment.

10). Do not drink or drink very little water during meal and up to 60 minutes thereafter.

11). Rest, relaxation, sunshine, fresh air, 7 hours sound sleep, vigorous exercises (brisk walk / yoga.) for one hour and strict diet control.

12). Drink one or two glasses of water on rising (early morning)

13). Drink 8/10 glasses (3 Ltrs) of water daily, including lemon, amla, fruit juices, butter-milk, soups. May take tender coconut water, if suits.

14). Strictly no milk and milk products, fried, solids, fats, pulses, white rice, banana, potato, Maida, sweets, proteins, mango, sapota, salts, ghee, butter and all stimulant/irritant concentrated food.

15). Avoid smoking, alcohol, zarda, pan-masala, tobacco, drugs, soft drinks, tea, coffee, gas-forming food.

16). Eliminate tension, hurry, worry and sedentary habits.

Nature Cure Treatment – Enema and Mud Pack

Thus we see that our senses and faculties sometimes work at cross- purposes and throw the body out of gear. It could be brought back to normalcy by observing the simple do’s and don’ts enumerated below…

>>>Enema and Mud Pack

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