Naturopathy Treatment – Kidney, Ulcer, Skin Disease and Fever

Naturopathy Treatment for Kidney Disease

Disease: Kidney Disease

Treatment: Common Program plus kidney pack, drink plenty of water and be only on liquids like juice of wheat grass, cucumber, ash gourd, carrot, lemon, modambi, orange, cabbage, tender coconut water and dhania water for 3 to 7 days. Strictly no salt, sweets, pulses and milk. Always pass urine immediately after meal.

Yoga: Kunjal, Bhujangasana, Shalabhasana, Vakrasana, Pavan Muktasana, Bhastrika, Kapal Bhati, Anuloma Viloma.

Naturopathy Treatment for Fevers

Disease: Fevers

Naturopathy Treatment: Common Program minus cold hip bath, oil massage, any hot treatment and immersion bath. Plus fasting and enema daily, cold chest pack and cold sponges. Total mental and physical rest. Head wash, wet packs on forehead, eyes and abdomen, ice bag on head. Only juices/soup and adequate water intake.

Yoga: Kunjal & Rest.

Naturopathy Treatment for Stomach Ulcers

Disease: Stomach ulcers. (Gastric and Duodenal)

Naturopathy Treatment: Common Program minus any hot treatments, plus abdomen packs at night, kidney pack. Strictly no exertion, kunjal, asanas, massage etc. on abdomen. Drink cold diluted cow milk or goat’s milk with honey. Drink juice of ash gourd, cabbage, carrot, lettuce, orange, fresh butter milk/curd (not sour), use whole flour/brown rice, banana, stewed apple. Avoid all sour fruits, rough vegetables, lemon, guava, pulses, tomato, tamarind, amla, sour curd, spices, chillies and maida.

Yoga: Sitali, Bharamari, shavasana, yoga Nidra.

Naturopathy Treatment for Diarrhea / Dysentery / Colitis

Disease: Diarrhea/dysentery/colitis.

Naturopathy Treatment: Common Program minus enema, asana, GH Pack, massage plus cold water or butter milk enema once a day and mud pack daily 2 to 4 times, kidney pack. Take butter-milk tender coconut water, honey, ripened banana, baked apple, fresh curd and well cooked rice. Avoid physical exercises, milk, lemon, all other fruits and vegetables.

Yoga: Rest.

Naturopathy Treatment for Skin Diseases

Disease: Skin diseases.

Naturopathy Treatment: Common Program plus GH (Gastro Hepatic) pack, mudbath, neem water bath, full wet pack. Only fruit diet for 5 to 10 days intermittently. Avoid sugar, salt fried food milk, fats and pulses.

Yoga: Kunjal (salt free), suryanamaskara, Dhanurasana, Chkrasana, Paschimottanasana, Shirshana (on apparatus), Amuloma Viloma.

Naturopathy Treatment for Nausea, Hyperacidity, Severe hiccups.

Disease: Nausea, hyperacidity, severe hiccups.

Naturopathy Treatment: Common Program plus abdomen / trunk Packs, ice bag on abdomen and cold spinal bath, take half banana and half glass of chilled milk without sugar 3 hourly, take half glass naturally sweet mosambi or orange juice (cold) 4 hourly. Keep ice cube in the mouth and chew slowly. Must not lose weight.

Yoga: Bhujangasana, Parvatasana, Gomukhasana, Vakrasana, Sitali, Bhramari.

Naturopathy Treatment for Diseases and Treatments – Obesity, Menstrual, Prostate

Diseases: Prostate – Enlargement of Prostate glands (Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy)

>>>>Obesity, Menstrual, Prostate