Asanas and Benefits – Vrikshasana, Tree Pose Yoga, Benefits

Vrikshasana : For Postural Deficiencies

The yoga name for Vrikshasana can simply be put as Tree Pose Yoga. This Pose belongs to the Inverted Balancing group of poses. It is one of the most difficult, fascinating and et effective yoga poses. It is called Tree pose because when performed correctly, it looks like a tree. In other words, you stand still like a tree in the final position of this posture. The leg that you are standing on looks like a trunk rooted to the ground with arms and the other leg and the head act as branches and leaves.

The Tree Pose Yoga is beneficial for people suffering from postural deformities of spine, arthritis of joints of upper and lower extremities, weakness of legs and shoulders and mild giddiness.

Vrikshasana: How to perform?

  • Stand upright. Your feet should be together and knees absolutely straight. The arms should be at the respective sides. Without bending the left knee, lift your right foot and hold the ankle with the right hand. Fold the right leg at the knee joint.
  • Using both the hands, place the right heel on the left thigh as high as possible, toes pointing downwards. The right heel should press the inside of the thigh. Balance yourself on the left leg. Now join your palms and fingers and bring them to the left leg. Now join your palms and fingers and bring them to the middle of the chest, fingers pointing upwards in prayer pose.
  • Inhale and raise your joined hands slowly over your head. Stretch up and stand straight, keeping your balance. Look in front and maintain this pose breathing normally.
  • Exhale and lower your hands to the middle of the chest. Return to the starting position by lowering your right leg.
  • Repeat the post with the other leg.

Vrikshasana Benefits:

  • Is strengthens the spine and improves balance and poise.
  • Helps in neuro-muscular co-ordination.
  • It tones up the leg muscles and strengthens the tendons and the ligaments of the feet.
  • It strengthens the knee and loosens the hip joints.
  • This pose also strengthens the shoulders, inner ears and eyes.
  • It gives relief from sciatica and reduces flat feet.
  • The Tree pose teaches you patience, makes you sturdy as well as flexible.
  • It deepens the thorax.
  • Most importantly, the Tree Pose enhances concentration and mental faculties. Hence it is largely recommended for your kids and students.

Vrikshasana:Tips for the Beginners

The beginners may find it difficult to bring the left foot high inside the right thigh. One can bring it lower on the right leg but never directly on the right knee. The same applies in the reverse position. You can also initially practice by holding the wall for balance.

  • To aid your concentration before starting the exercise, take several deep breaths and fix your gaze on a point directly in front of you.

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