Revolved Triangle Pose-Trikonasana Procedure and Benefits

Yogasanas are the great treasures that our ancestors gave us with the aim of keeping our body and mind strong, beautiful, and healthy for a long time to come. Yogasanas have the ability to sculpt and shape our immense body. Importantly, here is a look at the trikonasana procedure (Revolved Triangle Pose) and its benefits to keep our body always active.

This trikonasana is a wonderful asana that will keep you young forever. If you doing this regularly will loosen your hip fat and keep you slim all the time.

The reason for the name: Tri means three. Kon means angle. Trikonasana is the name given to the asana in which the body can be bent in three directions.

Trikonasana (Revolved Triangle Pose) is the easiest asana, by doing this asana long time hip pain, shoulder pain, and back pain will become cured. The hip will become stronger. Your ‘Nadi’ becomes stronger and you can avoid the ‘vada’ problem from your body.

You will become lazier if the ‘Vada’ (Vada means heat) in your body will go up. You cannot concentrate on any work and your body will not cooperate to do the work. This stage will lead you to lie down in stroke and one side organs will stop their functioning. Trikonasana helps to avoid this and makes you be more energetic. Trikonasana will help to improve the strength of the spinal cord. You will become younger. Now we will see the procedure.


Trikonasana Procedure

  • Stand straightly by wide up your feet. You must give proper space in between the feet, two to three feet depending upon their height.
  • Don’t bend your spine, stand straightly. Raise your arms parallel to the floor and your palm must face down. Deeply inhale.
  • Slowly exhale and bend your body to the left side and touch the floor with your left hand’s finger and your hand should touch the left ankle. Your right hand must be straight. Now turn your head and see the tip of the right hand’s finger.
  • Be in this pose from seven to ten counts. Now inhale the breath and stand straight with your straightened hands beside. Now inhale and count from five to ten.
  • Exhale now and bend your hip to the right side and touch the floor by right hand’s finger and the right hand must touch the right leg’s ankle. Be in this pose for ten seconds.
  • Then come to the standing position with the straightened hands beside and inhale. If you do the asana on two sides it is called one round of Trikonasana. We can do the asana up to six rounds. This is called Artha Trikonasana.

Purna Trikonasana Procedure

This is also one type of Trikonasana. This asana is somewhat difficult for some persons. By practice, you can do this asana easily.

  • First, stand straightly by widening up your feet. Now your arms should parallel to the floor. Now inhale deeply and turn your hip left side exhale slowly and touch the floor by the right hand’s finger.
  • The left hand should be straight and see the left hand’s fingertip by turning your head up. Count Seven to ten.
  • Now inhale slowly and stand up straightly and spread your hands beside your body. Again inhale the breath and turn the hip right side and touch the floor with your left hand’s fingertip.
  • In this position see the right hand’s fingertip by turning your head. Now count seven to ten. If you do this asana for two sides is the one round of Trikonasana. You can do this asana for four to seven rounds.

Trikonasana Benefits

  • The flexibility of the spine is improved.
  • It adjusts the shoulder alignment, reducing stiffness in the neck, shoulders, and knees.
  • The waist, the lower part of the waist becomes thinner. The calf thigh strengthens.
  • The liver, spleen, kidneys, pancreas, etc. are well compressed while doing this asana. Thus the adrenal glands are well stimulated.
  • It helps to relieve gastritis, back pain, indigestion, flatulence, constipation, acidity, and back pain.

Warning :

Someone will have a fatty tummy. They cannot bend their body beside. They will try to bend their body how much they can. However, they will get the benefits of the asana. You must bend your body for both sides as same as possible.

While doing for one side they have to bring up their body to straight then only they have to bend another side. This is very important. The pregnant women can do this asana only for the first two months. Then they should not continue the asana and the women who are in the menstrual cycle should avoid this asana.