Utthita Padasana Procedure and Benefits

The expansion is Utthi + idham+padam+asanam. Utthi means stomach. Idham means protection. This asana will protection for the stomach. Lying supine with legs straight, raise both legs is called Utthita Padasana. It is easy to see, though, are a lot more benefits. We have to take a short look at the step by step procedure of utthita padasana and benefits.

The focus of breath: When lifting the legs inhale breathe, normal breathing when doing this asana, and come out the legs exhale breathe.

Utthita Padasana Procedure

Utthita Padasana Procedure

This is a simple asana and gives more benefits. Concentrate well while doing this asana like a dance then you can get a very good feeling.

  • Lie back on the mat. Put both hands side the thighs should be kept straight. Then put the hands beside the buttocks. Inhale deeply and raise the legs to 45 degrees. Be in this state for 10 seconds.
  • Gradually exhale the breath and put the legs straight. Again do the asana for three to four-cycle.
  • Somebody cannot lift the legs for 10 seconds their legs will shiver. They can reduce the time at the beginning stage, and then gradually increase the time.
  • Somebody will lift the legs for 20 to 30 seconds. They have to avoid by doing a long time instead of that they can increase one more cycle.
  • Somebody can’t lift two legs at the same time. They can lift one leg at a stretch and then do for the next leg. This asana is named as Eagapatha Utthanasanam.
  • After practicing they can lift the two legs at a stretch. The benefits given these two asanas are the same. But by lifting two legs at a time, the practiced persons can get the results fast.

Benefits of Utthita Padasana

  • This asana helps to refresh and improve the digestion and make the digestion system functioning very effectively. The energy which is converted from the food is fully sucked by the body. We can get strengthen the nerves of legs which is called Ida and Pingala Nadis.
  • By doing this asana we can get rid of the hip pain. It strengthens the thigh muscles. It clears the wounds and fissures on feet. The people who are having piles problem can overcome and can get recovery by doing this asana for six times.
  • This asana improves and balances the blood circulation because more than 700 bloodstreams are connected with the belly button which will get a warm pressure. So all the parts in our body will get good blood circulation. All the stomach related problems like diarrhea, gas formation, and indigestion can be cured by doing this asana.
  • Excess fat from the abdomen will be reduced and strengthens the uterus.
  • Urinary bladder induced and works well. It’s a good asana for young students because the retention will be motivated.

Pregnant women should not do this asana. The women who are having experience in asanas can do this asana for four to five months.