Vajrasana Procedure and Benefits

Vajrasana or Diamon Pose is an asana that can be easily done by everyone from children to the elderly. Vajram means diamond.  It is not an easy task to cut down a tree which grown-up many more years has black lines inside of it, with a strong stem and bulgy body. They named the wood as Vajram cracked wood. It the toughest task to make it as furniture by using a weapon like a chisel and an ax.  This Vajrasana makes our body like that wood which is compared with iron.

We can do Vajrasana by sitting or in a standing pose. It helps to purify the blood and improves blood circulation to the lungs and heart. It reduces nervousness and gives relaxation. The oxygen will be grasped very well by the lungs and gives energy to the body.

Vajrasana Procedure


  • Place the left elbow then right elbow on the floor slowly.
  • Slowly bend backside and place the backside and head on the floor. Put aside your hands on the body
  • Your body should touch the floor, knee joints must nearer to each other. Newly started persons can put their hands on the thigh.
  • By getting a proper position in this pose, fold the hands by facing upwards-like scissors state, put the hands under the shoulder.
  • Keep the right hand under the left shoulder; vice versa keep the left hand under the right shoulder. In between the two hands keep the head.
  • To return to the normal state remove the hands one by one and keep it beside the body than be in the Vajrasana state by stretching the elbows.

Warning: Don’t do Vajrasana, if you have any wound or pain in the knee joints.

Vajrasana Benefits 

Comparing with other hardest asanas, the benefits of Vajrasana is more. Commonly all asanas are practiced by bending the spine in any one direction. The nerves control the whole body is connected to the spine. The nerves started from the brain are connected to the spinal cord and travels to the particular organ. So that we are giving more importance to the spinal cord. Nature is designed the spinal cord like 31 small born pieces are joined together like a ring.

By doing this asana one should get flexible knee joints of the hip and it strengthens the foot, leg, knee joints, and heels. If we having pain in the heel while waking up from bed in the early morning will reduce and cure by practice this asana regularly.  If anybody has an indigestion problem, they can practice this asana for five minutes after their food they can get rid of the problem. By regular practice of this asana will give a strong mindset and bring out all the unwanted water stored in the body. Pregnant women can do this asana for the first three months. After that, they must avoid this asana.

Vajrasana will say goodbye to your constipation problem. The fatty stomach and belly will be reduced by practicing this asana regularly.