The Science of Yoga

Yoga asana is a meditational exercise which is invented in India 5000 years ago. Yoga is a Sanskrit word. In simple Yoga is known as to achieve balance and control the mind and body in a right way.

What is yoga?

Yoga is a word which is born from Sanskrit word “Yuj”. That is the association of mind, body and soul. Integration is the right meaning for Yoga. Asana is a body position. A man who can realize his energy and efficient skills, and to make to use them in a perfect manner is the main aim of Yoga asanas. At the same time it increases the concentration, health and to prevent the diseases.

Yoga asanas are not only exercises.  In fact it is a medicine for mind and body. The primary goal of Yoga is healthy body and healthy mind. Yoga helps to control and balance the five parts of the body and to lead a balanced life without likes and dislikes. Yoga asanas and mediation calm down the mind and rejuvenates the body outside and it improves the functioning of the mind and body for being well. Simply closing the eyes and bending the body is not Yoga, it’s beyond the limit and it is an art which has unlimited stages. The types of Yoga are 108 and thousands of Asanas are invented form the Yoga which spreads in overall countries.

Yoga asanas prevent the body from the diseases. Now a day’s people are willing to do Yogasanas because they realize the excellent results of Yoga asanas. The people are getting peace and calm down their mind by doing meditation who is not having the better body condition.

What is Asanas?

Yoga asanas that is the exercise used to focus and concentrate the mind.  Many Yogasanas are done by closing eyes because to focus and concentrate the mind as well as the Asanas are done for the inner parts of the body. Exercise and its states are known as Asanas. The meaning of Asana is Seat.  An unfocused man who is having the stressful mind and body cannot react properly for the situation. A man who is having the strong body and healthy mind can have the ability to survive in all the situation.

The Asanas  are in four states  like Standing Asanas, Sitting Asanas, Lying on stomach and lying on back . The Asanas are educated to strengthen the body like forward bending, backward bending, sideways bending and to hold the body. 84 lacks of Asanas are invented till now.  We can realize these Asanas are invented from the nature and the surroundings like tree, plant, birds and animals. Yoga asanas are not only done for a particular time, but we have to follow in all the situation of the modern life.

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