Asanas and Benefits – Mountain, Triangle, Half Locust Pose

Prevent Injuries Mmusculoskeletal Disease By Yoga Poses

There’s no doubt that yoga asks much of the knees. Done properly asana practice can shore them up to prevent injuries and slow the progression of musculoskeletal diseases, but practiced without mindfulness, it spells disaster for these joints.

Yoga Pose- Seated Forward Bend

Sit on a mat with your legs stretched straight out in front of you. Breathe out. Slowly bend forward, trying to touch your feet. Don’t bend your knees. If you feel a constriction while bending, straighten up slightly and then try and bend further forward. Don’t push yourself too hard. You may not he able to get very far if you are a beginner. Don’t get impatient and push yourself too hard. You will only injure your muscles. Just bend forward as far as you can go. no point in just bouncing back and forth. Exhale, while returning to normal position.

Benefits: It is a good way to stretch the hamstrings and if the toes are drawn towards the body the calf muscles and the
Achilles tendon are stretched.

Yoga Pose – Mountain pose

Get down on all fours like an animal. Inhale, Exhaling lift off hips. Keeping the palms flat on the ground, push down both heels
to stretch the legs completely. Push down at the shoulders so the h drops further down. While making all these adjustments, continue
breathing normally. Hold fur a few seconds. Relax back on all fours. Repeat thrice.

Benefits- It impacts the knees by strengthening the legs. By toning the abdomen, it helps take the weight off the hips. It stretches the hamstrings, calf muscles and Achilles tendons. This  pose is a great way to balance and stretch the posterior leg muscles.

Yoga Pose-Half locust pose 

Lie on your stomach. Interlock hands; place them under your chin. Inhale. Lift right leg up in the air. You can prop it up with your
left sole as shown in the photograph or place right foot on a stool behind. Hold for a few seconds, exhaling return to starting position. Repeat three to five times. Rest. Repeat for the other side.

Benefits: Tones the limbs. Is a powerful therapeutic pose for knee pain and spinal problems. Strengthens the  pelvis, spikes metabolism and boosts digestion.

Yoga Pose – Triangle pose

Be in the mountain pose. Move your left font forward for about 1 meter. Put your left hand beside your foot and carry your weight
with the lower back and on the heels of your font in front. Stretch your right arm upward and look upward along your outstretched arm and stretch out your neck. Repeat the same on the other side When you stand well-aligned in this position, it will feel light. The better you in this exercise, the bigger will be the triangle between your legs.

Sitting Position Asanas-Paschimottasana, Ustrasana, Shashankasana


Sit erect, stretch out the legs and join the feet. Inhale and raise the hands upward. While exhaling bend the trunk and head forward and hold the big toes, Bend further forward, rest the

>>>>Paschimottasana, Ustrasana, Shashankasana