Naturopathy Treatment Methods – Kidney Pack, Abdominal Pack, GH Pack

Nature Cure – Kidney pack

1. Place hot water bag to cover middle to lower back. Apply ice bag to cover lower part of the chest bone and stomach. Wrap a dry cotton/khadi cloth and flannel over this.

2. Duration 45 minutes – 1 hour.

Nature Cure – GH Pack (Gastro Hepatic)

GH pack: Gastro Hepatic is the reverse application of kidney pack.

1. Dip a cotton cloth in cold water and then wring out the excess water.

2. Place the cloth on the back, bring forward the two ends under armpits on each side.

3. Cross the right end over the left shoulder and left over the right shoulder.

4. Both are again crossed at the back and the ends are brought to front under the armpits and tucked.

5. Cover this with dry cloth and then the flannel. Duration: 45 minutes – 1 hour.

G.H. Pack (Gastro Hepatic) procedure:

Fomentation bag filled with hot water should be applied on the abdomen covering the last rib the umbilicus, extending up to the line of liver and spleen, while a cold bag is applied to the lumbar spine. Both bags reverse application is called kidney pack.

Nature Cure – Abdominal Pack

1. Dip a cotton cloth in cold water, wring out.

2. Wrap the wet cloth around the abdomen from lower part of the ribs to the groin.

3. Wrap the dry cloth and the flannel. Duration: 45 minutes to 1 hour. Other packs like throat pack, joint packs etc are used in the same way over the respective part.

Nature Cure – Wet Gridle Pack

1. Dip thin cotton underwear in cold water, wear it after wringing out.

2. Wear dry thick underwear over this. Duration 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Hot and Cold Alternate Compress on Abdomen

1. Two pieces of khadi or towel-type cloths are required.

2. Soak one piece in warm water, wring out.

3. Keep it on the abdomen and place a hot water bag on it to maintain temperature. Duration 3 minutes.

4. Follow it up with cloth soaked in cold water and wrung out, for one minute.

5. Repeat the process 3 times. In the last application, apply 3 minutes of cold compress instead of one minute.

Note: In summer, ice water or water stored in earthen jars overnight could be used.

Nature Cure – Fomentation, Hot Foot Bath and Arm Bath

Hip Bath is given at cold, hot, neutral and alternate (hot & cold) temperatures in a special tub.

>>>>Fomentation, Hot Foot Bath and Arm Bath

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