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Ideal Menu and Timing

  1. On rising early in the morning, drink a glass or two of normal water.
  2. Take a glass of juice (carrot/apple-with sweet mosambi/orange) before going for a brisk walk around 7 AM (during summer – 6 AM). May take a cup of skimmed milk after vigorous yogic exercises, if it suits.
  3. Lunch (12 PM): Take good lunch (light but nutritious), as you need enough energy for working whole day (Food – Salad-consume first, 2 or 3 cups cooked vegetables, 2 or 3 bread slice or chapattis, yogurt 1 or2 cups,  steamed vegetables 1 cup.
  4. Around 2 PM: 2 apples or 2 bananas or 2 pears or some papaya or any other sweet fruit, but one variety only.
  5. Around 7 PM: Out of Total 1600 Calories consumed during the whole day, evening meal should not contain more than 350 calories. (As per your taste and choice but light e.g. a) 1 or 2 cooked vegetables with 1 chapatti and 1 cup of yogurt or b) 1 cup soup 1 fruit and raw vegetables or  c) 2 cups of skimmed milk with 1 or 2 bananas or apples or toast or bread slices.

Ideal Menu Notes

  1. If you have to go out for dinner, take just a cup of skimmed milk or soup or eat some roasted grams or some fruits/vegetables at around 3 PM before going. If you take a late evening dinner, drink a glass of lemon juice (juice of 1 lemon in one glass of warm water) the following morning (empty stomach)
  2. Herbs & Spices: You may use asafetida, cloves, coriander, garlic, ginger, turmeric, cumin, cardamom and pepper.
  3. Bed tea/coffee is very harmful. Avoid tea/coffee/cold drinks, fried items always.

Dietitian expert helps people achieve rapid results with a low kilo joule diet plan.The first step on the road to a fitter, slimmer body is always the hardest but dietitian has planned a strict short-term regime that helps people drop kilos quickly. Also he a daily intake of 5000 kilo joules (1250 calories) should include a variety of food groups in strictly controlled portions.

The chart below shows the number of serves from each food group. This is the minimum number of daily serves required to achieve at least 70 per cent of nutritional requirements. This plan is not nutritionally adequate for children, adolescents, men, pregnant or breastfeeding women. People with health issues including diabetes should consult a medial professional before embarking on a very low kilojoule diet.

This diet is not a lifetime plan, just a short term boost to give rapid results and help keep up the motivation. Most people can expect to lose about seven kilos in one month. The small portions help re balance the appetite so it is easier to stick to a healthy eating plan long term.

Follow this sample meal plan and expect to see rapid results. Expert says there is room for an extra half-cup milk to use in tea or coffee. There is no room for any added sugar or extra food in this meal plan. There should be no alcohol, no other energy containing fluids including soft drinks, fruit juice, or milk based coffee drinks such as cappuccino. One meal each day may be replaced with a weight loss drink, bar, or soup. Vary the contents of each meal but choose items with the same kilo joule (calories or energy), sugar, fat, and salt content as those on the sample plan. A small tin of tuna packed in spring water could replace the lunchtime turkey for example. Dinner could be grilled or poached fish instead of meat.


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