Procedure and Benefits of Halasana-Plow Pose

Yogasana is a scientific method of exercise. Stretching the body, relaxing the body, bending, deep breath, increasing blood circulation and inducing the nerves are the basic principles of Yogasana. Yet, Yogasana will not be full of physical exercise. It encourages the mind, breath, and the brain to work altogether.

There is no age limit for doing yoga. Anyone can do it. We should select the asana which is suitable for the disease and we can get it trained and then we can do it regularly. Here are the procedure and benefits of halasana or plow pose. It helps in the good blood circulation and relaxation of the hardened muscles and gives good energy to the muscles.

Halasana – Reason for the Name:

Hala means plough (Wooden plow) which is used commonly in Indian agriculture. The history says since that is in the shape of plough it got the name. Suitable time for doing this asana by 4 am to 6 am with an empty stomach.

The procedure of Halasana (Plow Pose):


  • First, we have to do Sarvangasana.
  • Then release the breath step by step and get the legs above the head and make it touch the ground.
  • Make sure that the distance between the head and the legs where it is touching the earth is more. As far as keep the legs and toes straight.
  • Then join the fingers of both the hands and keep it below the back. At the time keep your back straight vertically.
  • At this stage give more pressure to the stomach by increasing the pressure at the hip and keep the legs parallel to the body or earth.
  • Be in the normal breath as soon as possible and come back to Sarvangasana.

Benefits of Halasana (Plow Pose):

  • Halasana helps strengthens the back muscles especially it gives a good stretch for spinal nerves and increases the blood circulations.
  • It balances the spleen and the liver and increases the digestion and absorption activities properly.
  • It balances the secretion of the pancreas and protects the body.
  • The kidney gets strengthened and refreshed.
  • Since it strengthens the liver the red blood corpuscles are increased and make you feel active.
  • It strengthens the lungs and increases immunity.
  • It corrects the menstrual problems and the uterine problems in women.
  • It balances the endocrine glands and decreases the infertility problems.
  • The spinal cord problems and arthritis problems are cured.

Things to keep in mind before doing Halasana or plow pose: don’ts

  • Only do the halasana after the natures call in the early morning.
  • Must avoid halasana during pregnancy or during menstruation doing this asana.
  • Must avoid the persons having cardiac problems.
  • Must avoid like liquor, smoke and other addicting products.
  • Do it continuously without any interruption.
  • Should not take a bath and eat immediately after doing halasana.
  • Should not breathe by mouth while doing halasana. Only inhale and exhale by the nose and also should hold the breath.