Yoga Mudra Procedure and Benefits

Before doing asanas, meditation exercises one should be with a clear stomach. Yoga mudra helps to do that. The person who will practice the Yoga Mudra regularly can get a flexible backbone and they will become younger.

All the nerves pass through the spine will become strengthen. They will become healthy and more energetic throughout the whole day. They will get the brightest face and clarity too. Both the ankles and the large intestine are pressed together so that chronic constipation will be cured. Yoga mudra clears the constipation problem and removes the stress also. This is a very simple asana too.

Yoga Mudra Procedure

  • Sit in Padmasana, put your palms on the two heels, and close the fingers. Sit straight and deeply inhale.
  • Bend to your front by slowly exhaling and your nose should touch the floor. Be ten to fifteen seconds in this state. Inhale and exhale as usual without any restriction.
  • No need for breath control.  Then slowly inhale and raise the body. Likewise, you can do this asana from three to seven times.
  • While read about this asana, it looks like the easiest one. But this asana is not the easiest asana for doing. Somebody cannot do the padmasana properly.

They can do the asana in a normal sitting pose, which is called Sugasana, and put your palm on the knee joints then bend the body to touch the floor with your nose. This must practice up to get the proper pose of padmasana. Hold your hand’s backside and can do the asana.

Or they can hold the first finer of the feet in the Sugasana and touch the floor by bending your body. These methods can be practiced, which cannot do the padmasana properly.

After practicing padmasana properly, you have to do this asana as mentioned as the above steps. You have to bend after placing your palm on the heel. If it is difficult then hold your hand’s backside then bend.

If you bend your body at the time of padmasana your legs will get pain because one leg will give pressure to another one. After some days of practice, you will get relief from the pain. Somebody will try to touch the floor, at that time unknowingly they lift their buttocks. You have to sit properly on the floor and do the asana.

Somebody has a fatty thigh and tummy, who cannot touch the floor by their nose properly. The people have to try this yoga mudra with the other asanas, they can reduce the excess fat from the thigh, hip, and tummy and the nerves will become flexible. Now they able to do the yoga mudra in a proper method.

If you practice yoga mudra,  your fatty tummy will be reduced. A fatty tummy is the main reason for diabetes. The fatty tummy will be reduced fully by the regular practice of yoga mudra and they will become younger. You will become more energetic and lean.

Somebody will not have any tummy but they cannot do the yoga mudra properly. Their backbone will not have the flexibility to do this asana. They cannot bend their backbone. By regular practice of yoga mudra they able to touch the floor. First, they have to touch the floor by their nose, and then they have to touch the floor by the mouth. You have to be in this pose for up to twenty seconds.

In the yoga mudra pose, you can breathe as usual.


Yoga Mudra Benefits

  • The digestive organs will become strong.
  • Their work will become fast.
  • The intestines will work properly.
  • Stomach pain and dysentery will run out away.
  • This asana will recover from the constipation problem.
  • The stomach and hip will get a proper shape.
  • No need to bother about the lung disease.
  • The male infertility problem will be rectified.


The ladies who are pregnant can practice up to only two months. After that, they can practice one month without putting your hands in the center of your stomach. The beginners should not practice this asana at the time of pregnancy. You can sit only in padmasana.

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