Naturopathy Treatment for Cardiovascular Disease, Stroke

CardioVascular Diseases – Stroke

Strokes, like heart attacks, often occur with no prior warning and like heart attacks, often kill. For just as atherosclerotic deposits in the arteries feeding the heart set the stage for heart attacks, such deposits in the arteries feeding the brain set the stage for cerebral strokes. And just as the affected part of the heart dies when its blood supply becomes blocked, so also the affected part of the brain dies when its blood supply is cut off by arterial blockage. As with the heart, this can only occur when the arteries have become hardened, narrowed and encrusted with Atherosclerosis.

Stroke is a neurological disorder due to a pathogenic process in the blood vessel. The delicate blood vessels of the brain may be damaged in several ways. With age, the arteries thicken, thereby losing their elasticity and lumen. Gradually this may lead to clot formation in the blood vessels, which obstructs the blood supply to the brain cells. Stroke is caused generally due to high blood pressure but there may be some other factors like tumor or clotted blood/defect in the blood vessels of the brain. High blood pressure is the single most important risk factor for stroke.

When some of the symptoms are acute in condition, the patient becomes unconscious and as he recovers, he finds one half of his body or some parts have been affected by paralysis and he may be unable to move his hand/leg or both on the affected side. He may find his speech slurred because of the damage done to the nerves of the facial muscles and tongue. If severe enough, death may occur.

With each passing year, more and more of the most respected medical organizations in the world have come to the same conclusion: diet high in saturated fat and cholesterol raises, cholesterol level in the blood, produces Atherosclerosis and leads directly to heart disease and strokes. Diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol lowers its level in the blood, decreases Atherosclerosis, and lowers the likelihood of heart disease and strokes.

Stroke – Preventive Measure 

As a preventive measure one should have regular check-up and keep one’s weight, blood pressure, cholesterol level and blood sugar under control by proper diet/exercise program. Follow “GUIDE LINES FOR HEALTHY LIVING”. Salt is an enemy, if taken in excess. (Salt in moderation is essential for survival, as evolutionarily, the life is derived from the sea which is salty).

Cardiovascular Diseases – Tension and Stress

Tension in today’s world is as rampant as the common cold. It leads to hypertension and other diseases like heart attack, strokes, ulcers, asthma, path at the back of the neck (spondylosis), shoulders and also lower backaches, migraines, insomnia etc.

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