Yoga Asanas Benefits – Ardha halasana, Uttanpadasana, Sarvangasana, Padmasana

Ardha Halasana

Take the posture of Shavasana. Bring the feet together and keep the palms close to the thigh. Inhaling slowly, raise the right leg keeping the knee straight. Then exhale slowly and bring the leg down. Repeat the exercise with the left leg.

Ardha Halasana Benefits : This is a good yoga exercise for low back, knee joints and abdominal muscles. Useful in curing arthritis and Lumbar Spondylosis.


 This is a follow-up of Ardha Halaasana. Follow the same procedure, but with both the legs.

Uttanpadasana Benefits : This asana is helpful in combating nervous weakness, strengthening intestines and abdominal organs.

Precaution: Persons suffering from slip disc and severe knee pain should not perform this asana.


Lie on the back keeping the feet together and palms close to the body. Inhaling slowly raise the legs and the hips, giving support by the hands. The entire weight of the body should rest on the shoulders with arms helping in balancing. The trunk, legs and hips should he in a straight line. Focus the eyes on the toes with the chin touching the chest. Be in the position for sometime, Exhaling slowly return to the original position.

Sarvangasana Benefits: This asana improves metabolic activity and tones up the thyroid glands and reproductive organs. Good for Bronchitis, Dyspepsia. varicose veins and diabetic patients.

Precaution: Cervical, Lumbar Spondylitis and cardiac patients should avoid the asana.


Perform Padmasana and in the same position slowly lie down on the back with the help of elbows. Press the palm beneath the shoulder and while inhaling raise the chest. Then push the neck backwards. Hold the big toes with both the hands. Return to original position while exhaling.

Padmasana Benefits : The exercise helps in making the spine more flexible. Good for respiratory, thyroid, parathyroid and menstrual disorder patients.

Supine Position Asanas – Halasana, Ardha Pavan kuktasana

Lie flat on the back keeping the feet together. While inhaling, raise the legs and hips giving support with the hands. Slowly bend the waist towards the head and touch the feet to the ground. Then raise the hands and

>>>>Halasana, Ardha Pavan Kuktasana