Naturopathy – Gastritis, Gas Formation Causes


Anything that irritates the stomach may be a cause; over-eating, eating improper food, spicy food, improper combination, swallowing chemicals of any kind. Gastritis Symptoms are; vomiting, pain, nausea, bloating of stomach, coated tongue, bad breath, feeling thirstier and aversion to food.

Gastritis – Natural Treatment

Nothing should be consumed until the nausea and vomiting subside totally. Sucking of ice cubes may relieve nausea. The bowels should be washed out by enema as long as it is necessary and may be up to 3 times on the first day. After a couple of days feeding may be resumed with one cup of naturally sweet buttermilk or juice once in 3 hours if tolerated. For full treatment, consult chart.

Gas Formation Causes

Our stomach is a host to many complaints. Stomach is a source of energy to our body. It can growl, groan, churn, turn, bloat, burn, ache and even make us double up with a stabbing pain. Some of these are due to formation of gas. Gastrointestinal gas can be a source of great discomfort to many and may be associated with uneasiness, bloating of stomach, nausea, headache, irritability. In extreme cases there may be chest pain (mimicking a heart attack), disturbed sleep, difficulty in breathing, bad breath etc.

Belching (burping) is usually due to excess air swallowed during eating or drinking. Passage of gas through the anus is called flatus. It is due to indigestion of carbohydrates and cellulose which are acted upon by bacterial flora and fermented. Constipation is a pre-disposing factor in this. The specific cause of passage of malodorous gases is not known.

Gas formation can be avoided by improving the efficiency of the digestive system by following regulated and appropriate diet, adequate water intake, regular bowel habits and practicing yogic asanas. Suitability of diet differs from individual to individual depending on various factors, such as nature of work/duties, heredity, digestive and assimilative capacities, environment, nature in general.

Gas Formation – Preventive Measures 

1. Avoid eating too rapidly and too much or while under emotional strain and drinking large quantities of liquids with meal. Laxatives and purgatives should be avoided.

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