Naturopathy Treatment for Hyperacidity and Flatulence


Flatulence is a sign of gases stuck in the intestine due to disturbed digestion as a result of habitual eating of unwise food mixtures and combinations, besides sedentary habits and lack of exercise. However, by cleansing the gastrointestinal tract of stagnant putrefactive material through enema and fasting for 2-4 days followed by light diet comprising of fruits and vegetables, one can get rid of the trouble. Besides, regular brisk walk or yogic exercises, as well as treatments like mud pack, abdomen pack, hot and cold hip bath, should be practiced in order to correct the function of the digestive organs.


Hyperacidity is a condition which arises in the stomach purely as a result of habitual eating of excessive quantities of refined, fried, starchy, sour, spicy and sugary food. When excessive quantities of starchy and sugary food are taken, as they always are in conjunction with protein foods (meat, fish, eggs, cheese etc.), the proteins are digested first while the starchy food (grain, chapatti, porridges, rice etc.), is left to ferment and acidity in the stomach before passing on to the intestine for digestion. It is obvious that to try to cure hyperacidity by taking medicines or powders is futile. Such treatment can only aggravate the condition in the long run.

Hyperacidity – Treatment

Take the very soothing and light diet and avoid spicy and sour items like garlic, pepper, lemon, citrus/unripe fruits which irritate. Thorough cleansing of the digestive tract is the first requirement. Besides, consult treatment chart.